Teen Korner: Willow Smith’s “21st Century Girl” Music Video

Let’s get some jiggies on it!

Hey pogs. Today I want to rap at you about YOUR music and YOUR generation. Rad! Sour Patch Worms! Look, your body is going through a lot of changes right now and you’re probably feeling pretty confused. Ask your teacher! And wear a condom (ew, I know, but sex can be really beautiful if you are in love but also diseases, I’m giving it to you straight like an adult! Real talking! Nintendo 3DS!). But just because the world keeps changing and sometimes it is hard to tell who is your friend and who is your enemy and you’re worried about that big test coming up because you haven’t studied because you’re a pretty good student but you’ve had field hockey practice all week and also Megan broke up with Toby so there’s all of THAT to deal with, you can still have some fun.

“But, homeboy, how are we supposed to have fun when there are so many hormones in us and all of the music is boring old music for old people that’s not even wicked cool at all, it’s just like some old man singing who doesn’t even go to the mall ever.” No way, man! There’s tons of super cool music that is very good and very musical being made by kids who relate to you because they are 9-years-old just like us! (I am not 9 years old, but I am relating to you, the 9-year-old.) Check out this cool new sound and subscribe to YM Magazine:

No one on the playground has swaggers like us! Let’s eat whatever we want and talk about our drivers’ licenses!