Saturday Night Live: Miley Cyrus And The Strokes

Say what you will about child actors–that they are unhuman replicants, that their massive armies of well-equipped tweens will destroy us all, that they are the stuff of nightmares–they were literally born to perform. That doesn’t mean they’re very good at it, but they’re definitely comfortable doing it. If anything, they’re TOO comfortable. This week’s Saturday Night Live host, Miley Cyrus, was far too quick to just burst into song during her opening monologue. It’s like, wait, WHO ARE YOU EVEN? But for the most part, she did a relatively serviceable job considering her age (11) and her amount of innate talent (middling). There were a couple of real duds this week, but it was never for a lack of EFFORT. You could practically see the Vaseline on Miley’s teeth! Much like you could practically see the drugs coursing through The Strokes’s veins. We can make all the fun we want about Justin Bieber’s “swagger coach” and yet no one says a word about the fact that The Strokes have clearly employed a “drug addict coach” to give them that just-so look. It’s working! Those dudes look terrible!

The cold open was about Charlie Sheen, naturally, which is kind of the problem with OLD MEDIA. Like, Bill Hader’s impersonation was really great, and there were even lots of good jokes, but by the time this aired, those of us who had been following the story on-line, which was most of us, were already overcome with Charlie Sheen fatigue. Sorry, SI NEWHOUSE. That being said, Bill Hader is the best, so let’s act like it.

The show included another fake talk show (actually, there were THREE fake talk shows in the first 45 minutes, which is A LOT of fake talk shows!) with the recurring sketch: The Miley Cyrus Show. Get it? Now, to her credit, Miley did a decent Justin Bieber impression. And I guess the whole thing was supposed to show us what a good sport she is (as if a normal person wouldn’t just be insanely flattered that there was a completely benign and toothless recurring Saturday Night Live sketch about them?) but I think Saturday Night Live misjudged the excitement of this moment. It’s one thing when a cast member impersonates Robert DeNiro or Sarah Palin and then the actual Robert DeNiro or Sarah Palin comes out and confronts them. For one: those dudes are kind of scary. For two: it’s the real person confronting the impersonation, rather than the impersonation being confronted by ANOTHER impersonation. Also Miley Cyrus is 11. She’s got no juice! Anyway, it happened.

The writers’ sketch at the end of the night was just OK, but it is notable (to me) because Miley does sing my song in it.

The Digital Short-style parody of the movie trailer for Beastly was the first time I have ever wondered “how many people have seen the movie trailer for Beastly and is it enough people to sustain a comedy sketch?” I think the answer is probably “no,” but also: VERY GOOD RANGO JOKE. Worth it. Seriously.

But the best sketch of the night hands down no duh was the Disney Acting School sketch. (The best joke of the night goes to Seth Meyers’s delivery of the Hugh Hefner Playboy Mansion diseases joke.) The Disney Acting School sketch is just really great. Strictly 4 tha pogz.

And, of course, The Strokes. It’s nice to see that they have stuck not only to their original sound, but to their original being so gross to look at. MORE LIKE The Yucks!

Next week: Zach Galifianakis! So I guess that’s pretty cool. (Get it? You get it.)