That’s Your Phone App: The Bill Cosby App

Move over and SHUT UP, iPad 2. There is a new gadgets story that has the net abuzz: the release of the Bill Cosby app. Hahahahahh. What? Why does Bill Cosby have a smart phone application? I’ve posted a video after the jump of the man himself “explaining” it but do not expect to find ANY answers. He mostly just sits on a couch and sounds like my grandfather (whom I love very much, but who has equally little use for his own smart phone application). I guess you CAN use it to find out when Bill Cosby is coming to perform in your town, which is just the kind of information that kids these days want. I’m assuming it also has nutritional information about Pudding Pops and pudding-based recipes. Neat. (Hey, remember when Bill Cosby raped that lady?) Check it out, tweenz: