Today We Are All This Lady Caught Dancing In An HMV

One time I was telling my friend Jason about how I’d been listening to my Zune on the subway and whatever I was listening to had made me laugh really hard and how I was embarrassed because I was laughing hysterically with my headphones on while riding the subway, and Jason said that as far as he was concerned, I shouldn’t be embarrassed, because whenever he sees someone laughing in public while listening to their headphones he feels like they are winning (this is awhile ago, so we’re talking about actual winning, not Charlie Sheen winning, duh, buh bye) because they’re clearly having a great time, and who doesn’t like having a great time? And so now that is how I think about it whenever I am caught laughing privately to my Zune in public: I win! Look at me! I have fun! We should all be so lucky! And that is how I feel about this lady right here. Look at her go! Do your dance! Use the complimentary bathroom! Whatever! You go girl, as they say. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)