Videogum Everywhere Mission: Let’s All Ask Topher Grace Where He Gets His Ideas

ATTENTION “AGENTS”: your “mission” is as follows: log on to Twitter* and ask Topher Grace where he gets his ideas. Let’s all do this, please. And remember: even if he answers the question, it does not mean you can’t ask it again. NO MORE SOFTBALLS. But please do not harass or insult Topher Grace. It is and will always be Videogum Everywhere’s Mission Statement that we play pranks without bothering anybody. Our ultimate goal is to leave everyone alone. So, simply ask your question, thank Topher Grace for his time*, and politely wait for an answer. If he choses not to respond to you, that is his choice, it has no effect on the mission.

*If you are not registered with Twitter, register with Twitter.
**If you are a fan of Topher Grace, you may let him know that. It’s nice to be told that someone likes what you do. But do not lie to Topher Grace, or patronize him. If you are not a fan of his work, simply don’t talk about his work. It’s that simple. Come on, agents. Use your agent heads.