The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Paula Deen Riding A Dude/Things

Here we go. Someone has clearly been very good in the eyes of the Internet Gods lately, how else to explain why we are being showered with all of these GIFTS?! You know, we have a lot of fun with Paula Deen, but no one has as much fun with Paula Deen as Paula Deen does. I don’t wish Paula Deen was my mom because I’ve already got a supergood mom who is just killing it in the mom department, but if that were not the case, Paula Deen would be the first woman on my Women To Casually Joke That I Wish They Were My Mom But Sometimes It Is Hard To Tell If It Is A Joke Or Not List. She just knows how to live life. You grab life by the balls with one hand, get yourself a full glass of wine with the other, and then you ride that motherfucker. YOU RIDE IT UNTIL YOU DIE AND YOUR EYES TURN TO BUTTER CUBES.

Meanwhile, this photo has already become a meme (DUH WINNING) and what a meme it is! Very good meme. This one is probably my favorite. So, this week you have FOUR options (if you trolls can even process that, buh bye): you can caption Paula Deen, you can caption Paula Deen’s noble steed, you can caption Paula Deen’s wineglass, or you can create a charming Photoshop of Paula Deen riding things in the spirit of the Paula Deen Riding Things meme, which I’m sure is already dead (2011-2011). Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Runner-Up will carry them there on their back. (Image via GoodGrief.Thanks for the tip, cakeordeath.)