William Morris Signs The Chilean Miners!


WME has added 33 new clients. They are the Chilean miners who were rescued last October after being trapped together for 69 days after the copper mine they were working in collapsed August 5, 2010 in Copiapo. The men were stuck 2000 feet underground, and were finally rescued one at a time. The miners continue to be an inspiring story of survival, though reports indicate many are still having trouble processing the ordeal [Ed. note: best sentence in this news report about them getting Hollywood agents? Dopest detail? #swag].

WME will rep life rights in all areas, including TV, film, books, commercials, theater and lectures. WME has the ability to sell a rights package that will include a daily journal kept by one of the miners. They haven’t aligned with anyone until now. WME will work with Arent Fox, the law firm working with the group, as well as Chilean firms Carey y Cia and Remberto Valdes.

Tortuga, pull the Hummer around. Let’s go get some blowjobs at the cocaine mansion! (Via Deadline. Thanks for the tip, Cassidy.)