The Evolution Of Jay-Z’s Style

I think it’s fair to say at this point that Jay-Z is the black George Clooney (WAIT, before you say ANYTHING, it’s equally fair to say at this point that George Clooney is the white Jay-Z), which is to say that he literally can do no wrong. The two of them are basically the next step in human evolution on our way to becoming PURE THOUGHT AND ENERGY. Because they both should be so thoroughly hatable and yet you cannot hate them. What is up with that? Total forcefields. “Oh, George Clooney dumped his 20-year-old waitress girlfriend and retired back to his ITALIAN CASTLE? Love that guy. Ocean’s 4ever!” Or “Oh, Jay-Z only delivers relatively weak guest verses these days because he’s too busy managing his investment in an exclusive Greenwich Village bistro called The Spotted Pig? Totally! Best rapper alive!” Doesn’t matter. I wish they would get married and adopt me. I WISH BOTH OF THEM WERE MY DADS. (Via