Giving Corey Haim The Oscar “In Memorium” Treatment He Deserved

It was widely noticed and TWEETED on Sunday night that the annual Academy Awards “In Memorium” montage (which is obviously my favorite part of the entire ceremony. It’s like the red carpet of heaven!) blatantly left out Corey Haim. Boooo! Honestly, how are you going to do Corey Haim dirt like that? And it’s not as if the Oscars had so much better stuff going on this year. You could have applied a sixth-layer of Vaseline to Anne Hatahway’s teeth (KEEP SMILING) and honored Haim’s contribution to Hollywood’s wonderful legacy. Besides, Hollywood, YOU ARE THE ONES WHO DID THAT TO HIM. Show some respect. Well, Best Week Ever has. You can read their full tribute here, but I have included a touching synopsis below (because as much as I’m sure we all want to honor Corey Haim, we don’t want to spend TOO much time doing so, am I right you guys?! LOL?!)

Sorry that you caught such a raw deal, Corey. Even though you got snubbed by those pompous jerks who run AMPAS, you can look down from upon your killer afterlife manse knowing that there are thousands, if not MILLIONS, of us who will never forget your status as one of the dreamiest teen idols of all-time. Rest in peace, bro.

R.I.P. Corey Haim. You are in heaven now, doing speedballs and telling stories about what it used to be like doing speedballs in the ’80s with the angels and also with Jane Russell.