Charlie Sheen Does The Morning Shows! Still Completely Bonkers!

YES! Now THIS is entertainment. Take notes, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. (Charlie Sheen for Oscars host 2012.) Our favorite coconut took to the morning talk shows today to continue digging his own grave, and boy oh boy, you just turn this guy on and watch him go! Remember all the amazing things he said last week? Well don’t worry, because Charlie is a saying amazing things MACHINE. In the interviews he did with Good Morning America and the Today Show he talks about having tiger blood in his veins (?!?!), he says that maybe his brain is not from this terrestrial hemisphere (?!?!) and also he demands a raise (to 3 million dollars per episode haha wow!). Oh, and of course, obviously, winning rhymes with winning buh bye. (At one point when he is asked if he is bi-polar he responds that no, he is bi-winning!) So good. It should be noted that I do hope Charlie Sheen gets the help that he needs since he’s obviously caught in a dark and dangerous spiral of addiction, but this is still endlessly enjoyable to watch, and also the fact that he claims that people who relapse on drugs are “trolls” and “clowns” makes it a lot easier to watch him squirm for awhile longer. Because, you know, what an asshole.

Good Morning America:

The Today Show:

Hahaha. I never thought I would see anything funnier than the Take Me To Your Dealer poster, and I still haven’t, but this comes PRETTY CLOSE. (Also: Cats quoting Charlie Sheen!)