Thursday Night TV Open Thread

I am now two weeks behind on 30 Rock. Great American tragedy! Just kidding, it is called “saving the best for last,” look it up on Alta Vista. That doesn’t mean you guys can’t talk about it. You can also talk about other things, like, uh, Jeff Winger’s 1997 Real World audition tape? Hi, good job, TV. (I was also very impressed with Community’s reference to FX2: The Art of Illusion last week, which is a movie that I saw in the theater and that my friend Max and I make jokes about on a pretty regular basis to the point where the being impressed with Community’s reference is also mingled with being annoyed because they stole it from us?) Also, last night’s episode of The Office was written by FULL DISCLOSURE SPOILER a friend of mine, Amelie Gillette, formerly of The Onion’s The Hater column. Good job, Amelie Gillette! (My favorite part of the episode was when Ryan said that they weren’t working for the United States government and Kelly asked him what that was supposed to mean and he got fuddled and just said “Everything.” I’m not sure if Amelie wrote that part or not. UH OH DON’T BE MAD.) Meanwhile, Parks and Recreation continues its Zamboni tour of the competition. Man, that show. Very very good show. Rob Lowe’s consistent social mirroring is one of the funniest things a character on television has done in a very long time. (“No, is your mom coming to visit?”)

But like I said, I’m two weeks behind on 30 Rock, so this is obviously a pretty incomplete analysis.