Ubisoft’s We Dare Is Your Videogame

Uhhhhh. What?

It goes without saying that that is also your dinner party. “Is everyone done with their potatoes? Let’s move this into the living room and strip to a videogame.” My favorite thing about this game besides nothing because I hate it is how unsexy the game itself is? Like, it’s just animated Playmobil dolls but with stripping? Oooh la la! MAKE ME FEEL GOOOOOD! I bet the sound effects are super sexy, too, right? Bleep bloop bleep blop bloop. Who are these people? “Now I want the two of you to kiss…this Wii controller. Slower. Slower. Slower! You’re fucking it up, we’re losing to Ron!” So fun. So disgusting. (Via @Glinner. Thank you also for the tip, Benjamin, Joshua, Mike, and bocboda.)