This Is Just A Very Good Speech About Abortion Funding

After the jump, I have posted a speech from New York’s 9th District Representative, Anthony Weiner, a democrat, expounding upon a Republican-sponsored bill that would redefine the definition of rape in order to curtail government funding of abortion, and I’m not really sure how to describe the speech other than “very good,” which admittedly sounds weird when you are talking about a speech about “abortion funding.” Perhaps “very thoughtful” and “pretty forceful” and “intellectually annihilating if you are in a certain segment of the population that uses a particularly complicated form of rhetorical distraction to combine your excessively stringent social values with your supposedly free-wheeling political philosophy.” Is that better? Also, let me say this: for a lot of years I have believed that the abortion issue was “complicated,” which Anthony Weiner reiterates in this “very good” and also “those other things I said” speech, but the more I think about it, the less complicated it gets. In fact, it seems pretty uncomplicated. It is called MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS. (It should also not surprise you that I am PRO assisted suicide. And also pro gay-rights. And also pro anything where people get to decide how they would like to live their lives because that is a hard enough endeavor even with all of the options being made available to you.)

Like, I know that people who are against abortion consider it to be murder, and I’m sure that feels like a very morally defensible position to take. Who wouldn’t want to stand up against murder?! The problem is that morality is relatively flexible, and it’s unfair and unreasonable to impose your morality on other people*. “But Gabe, does this mean you also support actual murder, because isn’t the criminalization of murder just the imposition of one person’s morality on another person’s morality?” Oh please. Come on. That is basically the “if gays can marry then can I marry my roommate’s pet snake” argument. No, I do not believe that. (Also: the wiggle room on murder murder–not to be confused with rape rape–is pretty small. Outside of sociopaths, many murderers agree with and accept the associated punishment. Although I’m also not a doctor or a scientist or even a very smart person, so don’t quote me on that statistic that I kind of just made up but which you have to admit sounds about right.) Anthony Weiner also points out something that I have seen very few people in positions of power discuss, which is the ECONOMIC BURDEN of restricting abortions, as this only affects poor people. Rich people BEEN HAD getting abortions forever, and will continue to do so because CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ABORTIONS. So, you know, that’s super gross.

It’s not complicated! Sorry. Just watch the speech.

Good speech. (Via @BobPowers1.)

*Not to mention the fact that raising kids is really really hard? And a lot of people are not in a position to do so in a responsible way? So maybe they shouldn’t? I am not sure why this particular aspect of the issue is so rarely discussed. I guess because of how it is “complicated.”