Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome Is Our Generation’s Brokencyde

Bad news, you guys. There is another one, and its name is “Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome.” Whoops! I think you’re using those words wrong. Your band should probably called “Awful Awful Awful Awful.” Better. Honestly, there isn’t much to say. Like, imagine Brokencyde, right? That’s it. Just imagine Brokencyde. Because basically this band just wants to be Brokencyde, as if one Brokencyde was not already way too many Brokencydes. Here’s a question, though: is it possible to do an entire episode of Intervention for all of the teenagers in America, because clearly they are in trouble and they need help. (I’m pretty sure this would actually be possible because all you would have to say to the teenagers is “you are going to be on telev–” and they would be sitting in on the couch with their hands folded waiting to be told how they had hurt the people who love them.)

Music video for “My Town” after the jump, if you feel like taking one for the team.

For once, I kind of appreciate YouTube commenters’ ability to just get right to it:

Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome is a gay retard if ever there was one. (Via EpicPonyz.)