“Come Sail Away” With Lexy And Stephany

Lauren, who sent this in as a tip, suggested that when Lexy and Stephany are a little bit older, someone in college will eventually find this video and that neither of them would ever “live it down.” Uh, live what down? Being THE BEST?! Let me say this to any future college students who might tease Lexy or Stephany: when you graduate from school, no one is going to give a shit about what you want or who you think you are or any of the other ways in which you have been led to believe that you are a special snowflake. It’s going to take years and years of mildly mind-numbing work in terrible jobs while living in disappointing apartments with other malformed 20-somethings who also aren’t real human beings yet and who do nothing but constantly surprise you with the ways in which they can be selfish and stupid and depressing to the point where it’s almost a decade into your friendship and you realize you don’t actually have that much in common with them other than some shared youthful experience that ended forever ago and now you kind of wish you had new friends who share your ambitions and life-goals that, surprisingly, you are only JUST NOW getting a real handle on and oh wow guess what, you are also old. So giggle it up in your dorm cafeteria, chuckleheads. Lexy and Stephany are going to BURY YOU and sing AVE MARIA over your STUPID CORPSE. (Thanks for the tip, Lauren.)