Little Asian Boy Dancing To Christina Aguilera’s “Burlesque” Indicates That The Internet Is All Systems Go

Some of us were out of town last week, could have been any of us, really, almost impossible to say with certainty, but so for those of us who were out of town, and again, there’s no need to point fingers because you’re pointing other fingers back at yourself I think and also what if you’re pointing at the wrong person (since we’ve already established that it is VERY hard to know who was and was not here last week) and we live in a country where you are here until proven out of here (what is even going on? Are we already that far off the rails? Yes) but so again, like I was saying, for those of us who were out of town, although maybe none of us were out of town now that we are talking about it, I mean, pics or it didn’t happen, you know? I’m not even sure who brought up the whole “out of town” thing in the first place. Is this some kind of a witch hunt? Is that what this is? Are these the Salem witch hunt crucibles?! But so for those of us, if there even were any of us, which at this point I’m starting to suspect there weren’t, but if there were any of us who were out of town, those people, if they even exist, could be forgiven for returning to their computers and wondering if maybe things had changed while they were gone and if maybe the Internet was even just a little bit different or unfamiliar like maybe it had become a kinder place, or a more thoughtful place, or had relaxed a little bit, or they might have just been curious about what they would find when they got back in a general way, no real expectations. Only to see this video of a little Asian boy dancing to Christina Aguilera’s “Burlesque,” like with the whole outfit (fishnets even!) and the “sex face” and everything and realized, oh right, here we are. We are right back here.

Welcome back to all of us equally. (Via BuzzFeed. Thanks for the tip, Robert.)