Just A Few Timeless Love Songs

It used to be that you experienced love one flesh and blood human being to another – analog style. But we live in a time when any conceivable emotion can be expressed through a YouTube video. And I think these videos convey pretty much the entire spectrum of things a decent person could ever want to say about love.

Sorry to leave you guys hanging like that. But no spoilers. I’m not saying I get kickbacks, but if you want to know what happens next, you have to buy the single on Amazon. (Hint: It’s still sex.) Marketing 101: Leave them begging for more. (For more sex.)

This one is for all the jilted young lovers out there.

Oh, literal yoyos? But it’s also a simile? This day is going well so far, but you guys could be playing me like-a like-a yoyo. But, hey! Don’t do that. I don’t care what you’ve got to say. I’m gonna be somebody someday! etc etc (Somebody who sings songs with only one note in them.)

Basically don’t dump or play or sex your boyfriend or girlfriend because of how everything’s crazy and little boys (probably) with computers and broken hearts are dangerous. Also, don’t use sex as a verb so as not to invoke any images of the sparsely eyebrowed members of Color Me Badd.

And this is just a great love song that anyone could use to regale his or her intended.

Today should have just been 100% music videos, no?