Is Sesame Street a Liberal Conspiracy??!1?!?

Do you know where your kids are right now? Are they watching Sesame Street? Do you have kids? If so, they could be being indoctrinated RIGHT NOW!

I’m just saying: has anyone come out and denied that Sesame Street is a liberal conspiracy? The evidence is mounting. And have you heard the lyrics to the Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventure theme song?


Forward this to your grandparents so they can forward it back to you. But first teach them how to pull up the internet and punch in their email.

(Thanks for the tip and for making this video, self*.)

*Yeah, I made the video. What’s it to you? Wanna make something of it? Nothing to see here. (As a frequent babby sitter, I actually love Sesame Street. This video was inspired by an ACTUAL CONVERSATION I had with a concerned parent. Also, the truth is out there!!!1!!1)