Belinda Heggen

Whoa, WHOA! Do not mess with Belinda Heggen! That guy just got totally Heggen’d. What do you think he did to deserve that? It was so harsh, and there wasn’t even a smile or reaction from either party. You guys, I don’t think this is even one of those “funny banter” news shows. I think it was a serious dig during a serious news hour. I keep rewinding it over and over and watching Mark’s face. Intense!

It’s so weird, usually on American news bloopers half the fun is everyone stumbling to regain composure immediately after. This one ends not with a bang, or with a whimper, but with a complete lack of acknowledgment that anything just happened. The guy they cut away to didn’t even react to it!

[Thanks for the tip Lindsay (THE Lindsay), via thehighdefinite]