The SEO Rapper

Haha, SEO rapper! When I saw the words “SEO” in a ‘tips’ email I was like “Ew, not clicking” and then I saw it was from Scott Stereogum so I was like “Whoops, enthusiastically clicking!” As a nerd I have a natural side-eye to both rap and SEO but this is actually funny? It’s funny because it’s not trying to be funny at all, it’s just being sincere and inherently goofy which makes it funny, just like Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

I was also planning to tear this guy apart because SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) is snake oil and I was sure he would say stupid things in his song, but nope! He’s actually pretty right about stuff and giving good advice? That’s totally how PageRank works! This guy is good. He should really get hired by an ad agency and/or signed by a record label ASAP.

Maybe I should hire him to teach me how to do SEO because I clearly have no idea how it works. Funny videos sexy girls cute women hot xxx recaps tags cats fart reviews laughs jokes.