Misfits is good and you should watch it!

Guys! This show is so good! I don’t really have a newsy angle on this–I asked Gabe beforehand if I could gush about how good of a show Misfits is and that’s what I’m doing. The entire show is on YouTube, legally I think (the content is ‘claimed’ by the network and it’s uploaded in full episode 45 minute chunks? That LOOKS pretty legal) and you could watch it all in a weekend and it would be a great way to spend a weekend. It’s British show so there’s only 13 episodes total even though there are two seasons. British TV is weird. Also there’s going to be a new season in the fall so it’s not like you’re watching a ‘dead’ TV show.

I know that Gabe and 30 Rock likes to call you guys “nerds” but you’re not really nerds. If you guys were really nerds I would be talking about how the new season of the Pokemon anime has crazy 9-11 symbolism and stuff. But you’re not nerds so I can’t talk about Pokemon (psych, I just did! You just got stealth nerd’d!) or over-indulgent nerd stuff. I bring this up because Misfits is a show about superheroes, but it’s a show about superheroes that is engrossing and watchable┬áeven if you’re not a nerd because it’s a really good show!

Misfits is about five antisocial adolescent criminals in a community service group. In the first episode (embedded above) they get struck by lightning and they all get superpowers that reflect their individual antisocial quirks. They don’t really use their powers for good or evil, to put it in nerd terms, they’re like chaotic neutrals. In each episode they have to do some project for their community service which usually leads them to encountering other antisocial individuals who were given powers by the storm.

The powers of the five main kids are pretty neat, too! One girl, Kelly, is really self-conscious and can hear people’s thoughts, so now she knows What Women Want. Another girl, Alisha, uses her sexuality to manipulate men and gets the power to reverse-rape men by touching them. Then there’s a creepy introverted kid named Simon who gains the power to turn invisible whenever he’s ignored. And Curtis, an olympic runner who got banned from athletics because of drugs gets the power to turn back time whenever he regrets his actions.

Then there’s Nathan Young, the show’s protagonist, who doesn’t even get a superpower right away. Nathan is one of the best television characters I’ve seen in a long time. I’m cautious about explaining the nuances of his character, I feel like that might be cheating you out of the experience of watching the show more than dropping big spoiler bombs would be. But, essentially, Nathan’s character is written to be sort of a mascot of “our generation” (mine and yours, not old man Gabe’s) and we gradually see a longing to make meaningful connections with other people, hidden behind a charade of knee-jerk cynicism.

Anyway, you guys should all watch it, and then we can have fun spoilery discussions about it in the comments. But, for anyone who has seen it, avoid spoiling anything at least for today! Then we can all come back to this post after we’ve watched it and have a Videogum slumber party! Isn’t Simon totally dreamy? Isn’t Kelly’s accent the best? Lets all become Misfits heads!