Who is Arcade Fire?

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know anything about music at all. I just discovered Vampire Weekend on Saturday (haha, Oxford commas, right? Guys?) and most of the music on my iPhone is just random hipster junk left there by my exes. And, okay, Arcade Fire does happen to be like one of ten band names I was aware of in 2007, because we watched the Neon Bible flash video thing in a digital art class in school and I pirated the song because it’s a great song. I don’t even know what it is implying when I say that? I’m so afraid of talking about music because everyone has such strong opinions on everything. I don’t know anything about music, DON’T JUDGE ME. But still! Lets judge these people!

This site, and also the Twitter account @WhoIsArcadeFire basically just reposts other people being confused about who Arcade Fire is. Or sometimes people being confused about who the band “The Suburbs” is wondering why their album “Arcade Fire” won Album of the Year.

Haha, dumb people!

They’re on Facebook and they are posting dumb things like your cousins!

It’s not that they’re dumb because they don’t know who Arcade Fire is, they’re dumb because they’re implying that a band is undeserving of an award ┬ábecause “no one” has heard of them? That’s dumb. Don’t say dumb things like that. Or else you’ll get made fun of on blogs. The end.

[Thanks for the tip, Jill! and Mike]