Meet Today’s Guest Blogger: BradOFarrell

Hi, Monsters, my name is BradOFarrell and I am terrified to be here. I’ve been reading Videogum since I think early 2008, which is when I had my first 9 to 5 job at this one website that made stupid web videos. I spent so many hours a day reading Videogum articles and commenting and kind of stealing money from my employer by not actually working. Last year I stopped working for that company and became a full time blogger myself (living the dream! I forgot what day of the week it is?) at which point I actually didn’t read Videogum as obsessively because I stopped checking my RSS reader obsessively because I no longer had to appear to be busy at a computer all day. I basically got RSS diabetes and now at restaurants I have to ask for XML as an RSS substitute (haha, nerd jokes!). I actually am a total twitter-head though (plug!) and I read the @videogum twitter and I usually click on articles from there these days.

Now that I’ve totally invalidated my right to be here, let me talk about what I like about Videogum! I feel like Videogum is one of the few blogs I read that feels like a legit community. Some of the blogs I read (and even some of the blogs I write for!) will have hundreds of comments on a post, but it’s all detached jibber-jabber. No one replies to anyone else! At Videogum, people reply to each other! And individual users remember the usernames of other individual users! It feels like LiveJournal but we’re not teenagers! We also have our own memes! Do you know how hard it is for a blogger to cultivate that kind of community? Gabe is a very loving father of a very special website and you should be proud!

Also, another thing I love about Videogum is that it’s not really a blog about cat fart videos and TV shows, right? I mean there are tons of sites that can show you what’s currently happening on the Internet, but Videogum does something those other sites don’t! They give credit and fact check! (KIDDING! But seriously Videogum is way better at that than some other sites.) But really, you don’t read Videogum for the videos, you read it for the commentary! And it’s not just because Gabe is funny (he is TBS, very funny) its because Videogum views pop culture with a critical discerning eye, rather than just lazily posting things that are “getting a lot of buzz” at the moment. We legitimize cultural junk food as an art form, or something! That’s something to be proud of, I think!

This is starting to sound more like a valedictorian speech or a sales pitch than an introduction. I should say more stuff about myself! Oh, I made the original keyboard cat video. “It wasn’t my cat, the cat’s dead, the video was filmed before I was born, I was just the first person to mash it up with fail videos, and I also retitled it ‘Keyboard Cat’ and did some legal stuff and promotional stuff to get it off the ground.” –Me at parties. I’d link to the Wikipedia page but I don’t like how I look fat in the picture.

Also I’m 24 years old (Lindsay says she refers to me as “this 24 year old I talk to online”, as in, “this 24 year old I talk to online has never heard of the Beastie Boys” etc.) and I live in New York City.

Okay! Did I do it right? Was that a good enough introduction post? Please be gentle! Lets all just try to get through this day together. One cat fart video at a time.