Meet Today’s Guest Blogger: Thisismynightmare

No, wait…Everyone come back…it’s ok. It’s me Thisismynightmare. Please, just have seat. We need to talk for a minute. As you know, Gabe is not here today. You might not know this but I am Gabe’s constant (Lost joke!). Also, I am pupsitting Birdie. Well, one of those two things is a lie. I’ll let you figure out which one. The point is that you guys are stuck with me today.

Some of you may know me because you follow me on Twitter (Plug: @dismynightmare) and are familiar with my tweet barrages (that’s a barrage of tweets). Also, you might have seen me hanging out in Videogum chat every day, all day. More than likely, you all know me as the frequent commenter on THIS VERY SITE. I am Monster through and through. As a Monster, I am currently working on getting my EGOT. All I need now is Editor’s Choice. I am looking at you, Gabe.

Several of you may be asking yourselves, “How is she qualified to be filling in for Gabe?” Well, the answer is easy…I’M NOT! I am just girl in her mid-twenties who lives in Louisiana with her husband (that douchey commenter that goes by The Narrator) and our two Dachshunds (Hi, Sage and Zat–follow them on Twitter!–oh wait, they don’t have accounts, oops!). I am living proof that dreams do come true, you guys! I may not be a professional blogger, but damn it, I love this website and all you Monsters. Isn’t that enough?!

When I was invited to fill in today, I was just as shocked as some of you. I was convinced Gabe was a Nigerian Prince who was trying to steal all my money. Good news, he is NOT a Nigerian prince.

I am going to try my best to bring you guys the latest in memes. Everyone relax and enjoy the day! I am just a girl standing in front of a blog, asking them not to throw rotten vegetables at me if I mess up. If I do, please send all hate mail to Gabe.

Oh, Werttrew, I almost forgot…Will being a guest editor count towards my EGOT?