Can You See Justin Bieber’s New 3D Movie Never Say Never Or Do You Have To Go To Jail: A Quiz

As you’ve probably heard, the 3D Justin Bieber concert-film/biopic directed by Jon Chu (Step Up 3D The Streets) opens in theaters across the country today. Some of you may be less familiar with Justin Bieber’s career than others, and perhaps you are curious about the story of a courageous young man (8-years-old) who refused to give up on his dreams for 8 whole years and would like to learn more about his life and work by seeing this movie, but you aren’t sure whether or not you are allowed to go see it, or whether you must simply report to jail. The following quiz should help you determine the answer. Award yourself one point for every “yes” answer and zero points for every “no.” Good luck!

Q: Are you older than 10 years old?
Q: If someone were to ask you if you loved Justin Bieber, would you correct them and say “no, I am IN LOVE WITH Justin Bieber”?
Q: Have you ever looked up Bieber Fever on WebMD?
Q: Do you have misguided opinions about the acceptability of wearing sweatpants in public?
Q: If you had to describe how many bills you pay each month, would you say it is “more than zero”?
Q: Have you ever been involved in a dog-fighting ring, or any other kind of animal-combat sports?
Q: Do you know who Chris Hansen is?
Q: Do you like The Lovely Bones?
Q: If you had to describe Justin Bieber with just one word, would it be “sexy” (1 point) or “8-years-old” (0 points)?
Q: Do you have a history of imprisonment?

Add up all your points! If you got a 1 or higher, please go to jail. If you got a zero, I think it’s probably inappropriate for you to be reading Videogum, but if you are going to read Videogum, make sure to ask your parents lots of questions because your body is probably going through a lot of changes right now.