Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Valentine’s Day Edition

AWWWWWWWW. Don’t you guys love Valentine’s Day episodes of TV shows?! It’s like the Halloween episodes without the wonderful costumes. Neat? Just kidding. Out of all of the annual sitcom holidays, Valentine’s Day has to be the least interesting (although I’m sure it is a nice break for the writers, because they can just phone it in and everyone will be so busy either making love or FUMING that no one is really paying that much attention to the jokes. SPRING BREAK!!!!) 30 Rock hit a little too close to home this week, because some of us, and it could have been any one of us really, there is no way to tell, spent six hours trapped in an airplane on a tarmac with the airline terminal visible through the windows, with no food, and cetra. It is one of those things that is horrible at the time but that you comfort yourself by thinking that it will make a funny story one day but guess what: that day sure isn’t here yet. NOT A FUNNY STORY. I’m assuming. For whomever that happened to. The Office probably won the night, though. Admittedly, three make-out closets, one for each base, in a place of business, is really testing the ceiling on my willful suspension of disbelief, but what a FUNNY CEILING! And no one does charming, ebullient, disgusting, lovable nightmare monster like Steve Carrell, and I also think that the dude who plays Gabe should win an Emmy for “Acting”. He is so good at his job! I wish The Office was my valentine. We could go out to dinner or just stay home and order in, but either way I think we’d have a really nice time.