Best New Party Game 46: RomHorrorComs

Oh hey, Valentine’s Day is next Monday. Great! The most wonderful day of the year! Just kidding. Although, it’s a perfectly fine day. Honestly, the only thing more obnoxious than people who go way overboard for Valentine’s Day is people who get so mad about it. We’re all adults here, let’s act like it. If you have someone to go to a nice dinner with, do that. If you don’t, watch a movie or something. The end. We all get to move forward with our lives! Besides, take it from me, no one is attracted to COMPLAINERS. That being said, I think we can all get something out of this year’s celebration by playing this stupid game and having some fun with it, you know? Lighten up! You’re fine! The name of the game is RomHorrorComs, which is almost self-explanatory, but not quite. Basically, make the name of a romantic comedy scary, or make the name of a horror movie more romantic. For examples:

  • Lifeless in Seattle
  • Date Night of the Living Dead
  • Four Funerals and a Wedding
  • When Scary Met Sally
  • Must Love Saws
  • Nightmarry on Elm Street

Love means never having to say I’m WINNING!