Harry Potter And The Pole Dance Of Yikes

It’s pretty commonly understood at this point that the world of sexual fetishes is so large and diffuse that you can basically find an outlet for ANYTHING that your disgusting heart can dream up. If you are only into dudes who wear those finger-toed grip shoes and refer to Brut as Champagne even though it wasn’t cultivated in the Champagne region of France, there’s probably a magazine for you. And if you’re only into girls who sing songs from Disney’s Song of the South while eating strawberry-flavored, yogurt-dipped Pocky, there are 10 different websites you can bookmark. It’s all out there, you just have to look for it, if for some reason you want to look for it, you pervert. But in the case of being turned on by women doing Harry Potter-themed pole dances to a dubstep remix of the John Williams Harry Potter score, look no further, weirdo. It is after the jump.

Does anyone remember where exactly on the Hogwarts grounds the crappy West Hollywood studio apartment decorated with Christmas lights and ornamental Chinese flags was located? I can’t remember, but I know it is someplace MAGICAL. (Thanks for the tip, Dusky Panther.)