Topher Grace Breaks His Legendary Silence About The Now Defunct “Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?” Column!

You guys, you will never guess what is up with Topher Grace! From Entertainment Tonight Online:

Hey, what’s up with Topher Grace? That’s what ET set out to learn at his ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ junket where he shared his thoughts on the idea of a “That ’70s Show” movie and how he felt about Videogum’s fictional blog entries centered around his day-to-day life.

…As for the blog entries titled “Hey, What’s Up with Topher Grace?”, the actor responds jokingly, “Yeah, they have a column about me, and it’s written by me. That’s what people don’t know.” The website refers to the articles as the “Internet’s premiere resource for up-to-the-minute Topher Grace information.” He says in all seriousness, “I think it’s ironic because no one could possibly care about what’s going on with me. But good luck to whoever is trying to sell advertising space on that.”

For the record, the column, which no longer exists, was not fictional (?) and was the exact opposite of ironic. If anything it was too earnest? (Although there was, and perhaps this is where Topher’s confusion originates, a certain detached bemusement aimed at the overall culture of celebrity obsessiveness in general.) Now that we’ve got that cleared up, we hope you are convinced that you should buy adspace on our website, Mr. Adidas.