Super Bowl Commercials Open Thread

Last night’s Super Bowl was actually pretty fun to watch. It was a close game, and there was a clear-cut fan favorite for those who didn’t have a pre-standing investment in the outcome (I’m talking, of course, about the team WITHOUT a known rapist as the quarterback). I’m not a big sportshead, but I have about exactly as much patience and interest for football as it takes to watch one game every year, so it’s nice that the game I watch seems so important. But, uh, what was up with the advertisements? Aren’t the advertisements during the Super Bowl supposed to be really big and exciting and clever and expensive and interesting? What a bunch of duds! There was that World of Warcraft Expansion-Pack commercial for Coke, and that VERY weird ad for BMW that suggested people should just stop driving shitty cars and start driving BMWs as if that was the problem and we just didn’t know we were allowed to drive nice cars? paid Joan Rivers to be its spokesperson, which seemed like a bad idea until Snickers paid Richard Lewis to be its spokesperson and suddenly Joan Rivers looked like a relatively wise investment. RICHARD LEWIS? All the ads were just sort of middle of the road, uninspired, and worst of all: CHEAP-looking. It’s like, do you guys even WANT me to BUY stuff? Jeez! I did like the monkeys who are bad at parking, and also the dude who smacked all the computers out of everyone’s hands. Oh, and I did learn one thing last night, which is that the on-line flower ordering industry has a way bigger marketing budget than I would have thought. Neat? Otherwise, this year’s crop of commercials were the opposite of super. LOLOLOL!!!!

Right, you guys? Or are you too busy SHOPPING!!!!!