Thursday Night TV Open Thread

OK, well, obviously the Community Dungeons & Dragons episode. I mean, obviously. It’s like, ah-no-doy. I think my favorite thing about the episode, besides how it was great, was how much it reminded me of my own Dungeons & Dragons experience. I’ve only played once in my life, and I was 27 years old. Some friends and I realized that we had never played but we thought it would be “hilarious.” (Someone should open a Dungeons & Dragons bar in Williamsburg. I’m only half-joking.) So, we all made characters with stupid names, and we found our one pro-nerd friend who actually had played when he was younger to be our Dungeon Master. The main difference between my experience and last night’s episode of Community is that there was a lot more cheap beer involved in my game. It was kind of like the Assistant Dungeon Master. Anyway, we went on a quest to destroy goblins in a cavern or something, and to be honest, it was super fun. I don’t know why we never played again. Maybe because everyone kept getting annoyed with me because when the quest started, I kept using up my turn in the village, saying things like, “Is there a tavern in this village? Well then I would like to go to the tavern and play billiarden!” Apparently, some people thought I was wasting time, but some of us know the value of getting good R&R before you head out to fight undead gatekeepers.

30 Rock was also great last night. And other shows. Guys? Guys?! Guys!!!!!!!