Best New Party Game 46: Honest Taglines

You know, one thing that I forgot to mention in the Bill O’Reilly Would Like to Know Where the Moon Came From post is that in addition to “I mean, c’mon” being a pretty flimsy argument, especially when it comes to all-encompassing theories of how the entire Universe actually operates, the other thing about his overall position that is stupid and ridiculous (not to mention offensive and disgusting) is that he’s being such a fucking liar. I mean, even if Bill O’Reilly believes (as many many do) that the Universe was created by a Higher Intelligent Being, he is not such an illiterate wormtroll as to think there is no scientific explanation for THE MOON. “Oh sure, the theory of evolution and a quantum mechanical attempt to resolve some of the loopholes in the big bang theory hold up UNTIL YOU GET TO THE WHOLE MOON THING.” Nonsense. Just lies. What a liar. I hate him. I hate lies! Let’s play a game.

  • Star Wars: This dude wants to fuck his sister for awhile. In space.
  • Napoleon Dynamite: Check out this extended commercial for the MTV Movie Awards!
  • Sixteen Candles: One day years from now you will hear a story about how a friend-of-a-friend hired a carpenter (or maybe it was a plumber) and when the guy showed up it was the dud who played Jake Ryan!
  • Can’t Hardly Wait: Big party.
  • Meet The Fockers: You have at least 10 more dollars in your pocket than you deserve.
  • Transformers 2: Dark Of The Moon: BIG NOISE BOOM BLOP COMPUTER FACE.

NO CHEATING! Get it? (Honesty.)