Charlie Sheen Drug Prostitutes OR: Egypt’s Political Unrest OR: Less Usual Animal Babies

There are two stories currently occupying everyone’s thoughts: Charlie Sheen’s continuing prostitute-and-drug-and-briefcase-fueled meltdown, and the political unrest in Egypt. These two stories are, of course, of absolutely equal importance, which is why they are being talked about in justifiably equal amounts. Did you know that Charlie Sheen is costing CBS MILLIONS DOLLARS? Jeez. Poor CBS, am I right? Obviously, all of our thoughts and prayers are with CBS during this difficult time. Meanwhile, something about Egypt, I don’t know. It’s hard to think about Egypt while CBS IS BURNING! It’s just hard to do the right thing in this world, you know? Like, when you are paying someone 1.7 million dollars per episode of a lazy TV show to wear the same silk bowling shirts he would wear anyways and you’ve known for years that he has an untreated drug addiction that manifests itself in extremely self-destructive and publicly humiliating behavior, what are you going to do? NOT pretend to ignore all of the very obvious problems while continuing to give him incredible amounts of the money he needs to fuel his downward spiral? Come on. Again: ALL of our thoughts and prayers are with CBS during this difficult time. Their stock was off over 2 percent!

Please feel free to discuss the situation in Egypt CBS in the comments, or you can post pictures of less usual baby animals. Hey, no kittens or puppies, THIS IS SERIOUS.