James Franco Reminds Us That College Is Kind Of Stupid

College can be pretty cool. I think my favorite part of college was the tiny glasses in the cafeteria so that you could get one of each kind of soda and also one of each kind of milk. So cool. You’d finish your lunch and you’d still have, like, six half-full glasses of drinks you didn’t even want and you knew that when you poured them. And a plate with a ton of fucking leftover food on it just because. Neat! This guy unfortunately knows what I’m talking about. But college is also really stupid sometimes. For example: “My son is at NYU experimenting with his bisexuality. He’s going to be a DJ.” Also for example (from CNN):

According to Movieline, the Oscar nominee/host has joined forces with Columbia College Hollywood for “Master Class: Editing James Franco… with James Franco.”

The course, taught by Franco’s frequent collaborator/editor Tyler Danna, will have 12 of the film school’s students creating a 30-minute documentary using footage from Franco’s career.

Franco, 32, will provide the footage — largely taken from short films he has directed — and lecture students via Skype as well as attend the class when possible. Each classroom session will also be taped for inclusion in the final documentary.

Just in case you were worried that James Franco teaching a (MASTER?!?!?!?!) class on editing using footage of himself wouldn’t be a big enough waste of people’s time and money, he will LECTURE STUDENTS VIA SKYPE. You guys, it is sooooooooo weird that the United States is falling behind the rest of the industrialized world in education! Don’t worry, as soon as this documentary…about a class…about James Franco…taught by James Franco…is finished being edited by…the students in the class…and distributed over Skype, USA is going to once again lead the world in innovation and industriousness. Chill brah, just give us a sec. Here, have a tiny glass of chocolate milk mixed with orange soda while you wait. (Thanks for the tip, au.)