Bridesmaids Trailer, You Guys

Um, am I even allowed to talk about this? I’m not, right? There isn’t much that is off limits in this world anymore, but I think the rules are that I’m not allowed to say anything really about Tyler Perry movies, and also probably this movie. That’s OK! I’m not complaining. Trust me, there is PLENTY to talk about in this world without even brushing up against Tyler Perry movies. And who wants to go to Race Jail? Not me. (Grammar Jail on the other hand: total cake walk. I will take a bullet for Grammar Jail.) As far as this movie is concerned, it was directed by Paul Feig (creator of Freaks and Geeks) and produced by Judd Apatow (nemesis of Mark Brazill) and written by its star Kristen Wiig. Neat! Those are all great people. I’m not saying that if I was allowed to speak freely about this movie that I would say that it doesn’t look funny. I wouldn’t say that. It looks pretty farty I MEAN FUNNY. My point is just that there are too many talented people working on it, combined with the fact that it’s a “new” brand of “feminine comedy”* (that looks an AWFUL LOT like a well-worn brand of bro comedy), so I’m pretty sure I’m just supposed to keep my mouth shut. GIRL POWER! JUDD APATOW POWERFUL! Hahaha. What do you guys want to talk about instead? How about this? American democratic ideals should change its Facebook status to “they’re complicated”!

*See? I already messed up, because now someone is going to explain that we shouldn’t have to divide everything into “feminine comedies” and “bro comedies” and how that is the whole point of this movie is that if it’s “funny” then those kinds of distinctions shouldn’t matter anymore, even if the subject matter might be a fucking bridesmaids party which is kind of a pretty pointed piece of subject matter and so maybe those distinctions kind of do still matter but it’s not even that dramatic for them to still matter it’s just a fact of varying degrees of interest, because there are things that large numbers (not all) of women are more interested in than men and vice versa, it’s OK, we can embrace and celebrate those differences rather than worrying too much about them all the time. But then you kind of have to wonder why the movie that would maybe attempt to tear down those gender constructs has to do so by relying on jokes about farts and drugs and fucking and alcohol, which has been up until now the province of men? You could read it as saying “Hey, women find that stuff funny, too, it’s not just Magnolia cupcakes over here, boys. It’s time for us to take back the barf!” or you could read it as saying “The male dominated culture requires that for something to truly free itself from marginalization, the only thing it can do is accept, and reinforce the dominance of male culture to such an extent that it is actually still pretty fucking marginalized.” Uh oh. SEE? I TOLD YOU I WASN’T SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT THIS MOVIE!