The Most Iconic Image Of The 2011 Sundance Film Festival: Lil’ Jon Playing Ping Pong

Well, the Sundance Film Festival is drawing to a close. All of the left over mimosas are now too warm to drink, and there’s no one to turn the hot tub jets on, so whoever’s left in the hot tub is basically just sitting in a bath tub at this point. Get up and do it yourself, lazy! Turtle is still there, of course, sitting in the driver’s seat of the Hummer full of weed, waiting for Vince to finish his threesome, but they’re leaving any second now, the threesome is almost finished. I guess Harvey Weinstein bought a movie or something? Who knows. Forget it, Jake, it’s Sundance Town.

With 227 votes, Lil’ Jon is the image that will forever be associated with this year’s festival. He narrowly beat out Paul Rudd’s face, which garnered 205 votes, and completely crushed my personal favorite, Carmen Electra standing in front of a refrigerator full of Muscle Milk (54 votes). Congratulations to all of the celebrities photographed at the Sundance Film Festival this year doing ridiculous things. #Egypt