Beginners Trailer, You Guys

It is the curse of our era that movies can’t just be about stuff anymore. Even the simplest stories are gussied up with aesthetic gimmickry. I’m not talking about 3D, or Sam Worthington, either. I’m talking about hand-drawn titles, papercraft animation sequences, and freeze-frame images of dogs wearing football helmets. In some ways I think it is an emotional dishonesty. Why can’t we just talk about what we want to talk about without turning it into a music video? (Of course, many of today’s movie directors got their start in music videos no duh, including Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, David Fincher, McG [ugh, McG]. Oh, and Mike Mills, who wrote and directed this movie.) Then again, it is also a blessing of our era to be a part of our era, and so regardless of any skepticism (also a mark of our era, incidentally) that we might have about the aesthetic distractions from genuine storytelling, it’s impossible not to find them so appealing. What I’m trying to say is fuck you Garden State but also PUT THIS MOVIE IN MY EYES!