T.V. John Langworthy Is Our Generation’s Mark Gormley

I’m not sure what Tina Turner was talking about when she sang “We Don’t Need Another Hero.” Are you crazy, Tina Turner! We need SO MANY other heroes! We’re running through the heroes we’ve got at breakneck speed. More heroes, please. Can we get some new heroes in here. Heroes, STAT! (That last one was a doctor talking to a nurse about heroes.) Tomorrow, of course, we will have to start all over again and get another hero (which, I’m sorry, Tina, that we definitely NEED) because we will already have used up today’s hero, but for today, at least, let us just enjoy him. His name is T.V. John and he is here to save us. HELLO, T.V. JOHN, THANK YOU FOR SAVING US!

Previous Hero: Mark Gormley. (Via DangerousMinds.)