Best New Party Game 45: Warmer Movies

Winter is the season where everything dies so that it can be reborn, right? That sounds about right. The world just crawls into its grave and then three months later a baby world is born! (Unless, of course, and it is annoying to have to keep saying this, but not as annoying as the fact of it, you live in a warm place where I guess winter is just, like, the time when you wear breakaway pants to exercise on the beach or whatever?) What I’m trying to say is that I know the games have been a bit weak lately. Feeble. They’re like the rest of us: sick and tired. Holiday Movies, Winter Movies and now Warmer Movies? Good grief. Oh well. I’m sure one day we will have SPRING GAMES FEVER, but right now it’s like can we just go back to bed? Let’s play a game in six months. Well, some of us say NO. Some of us, not very many of us, almost none of us really, but some of us say WE ARE STILL HERE. AND SO WE SHALL PLAY THIS STUPID GAME.

  1. Space-heater Balls
  2. Blanket & Leopold
  3. Tea 2: Judgement Tea
  4. Wool’s Gold
  5. Entering Las Vegas

I would say something like “Pro-Tip: getting your heart rate going during a good game of Warmer Movies really helps you beat those winter chills!” but that’s not true. It’s just a redundant wordplay game on the Internet. Let’s just get through this, you guys.