A Normal Man Makes Normal Videos For Selena Gomez

Imagine the most normal thing in the world. Like, I don’t know. A glass of water. OK, so you’ve got this glass of water, and it’s on a table, right? The table is in, oh, who knows, let’s say, like, a small cafe. There’s a young woman sitting at a table in a small cafe with a glass of water and an empty coffee cup. She’s got a laptop open in front of her or, you know what, forget the laptop, she’s just reading a book. It’s got one of those yellow “USED” stickers on the spine from the student book store. Is she a student? Probably. Most people don’t buy those books after they’ve finished school, although she could just have it from back when she was in school, or maybe she’s the exception to the rule and is one of the few non-students to buy a “USED” book from the campus book store. It’s not that important. She’s got her hair pulled back into a ponytail and tied with a scrunchie, and she’s wearing jeans and Keds with no socks and a heather gray sweatshirt. The cafe isn’t packed, but it’s doing decent business. And there’s that old glass of water right there in the middle of it. Why, that glass of water is so normal, you’d hardly even give it a second glance. There is just nothing unusual about that glass of water at all. Which makes it a perfect metaphor for this video of an older gentleman talking about how Selena Gomez rules his life. It’s almost TOO normal!

Just kidding. The glass is filled with blood and the young woman’s head is a snake face. The cafe is actually an eternal scream! (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)