This Source Code Poster Is Terrible!

Source Code looks pretty good! Jake Gyllenhaal is trapped in a Star Wars trash compactor and he has to keep having a Groundhog Day to save a train that is Unstoppable but then he falls in love with some other dude’s girlfriend and that is when things get very The Adjustment Bureau! Also, Duncan Jones directed Moon, and Moon was pretty good. But what is this poster?! Even the Takers poster is like, “Uh, guys?” LOOK OUT JAKE GYLLENHAAL, THERE IS A PHOTOSHOP JPG BEHIND YOU! They might as well have made this poster a Magic Eye poster? (Actually, how come no one has made a Magic Eye movie poster yet? Is it just more comfortable, sitting on gold?) Why is he running with a gun? He’s going to shoot the JPGs? LOOK OUT, JPGS! Let’s put it this way: if you were stuck in a dead end job and what you really wanted to do was pursue a career in graphic design that would finally give you a chance to express your creativity, but you didn’t have a lot of time or money, and you saw a late night advertisement for a local technical college with an affordable graphic design program that promised to at least give you some of the tools you were going to need to start turning your life around and in that commercial they showed this poster as an example of the kind of work you would learn how to do, you might say AH, FORGET IT and turn off the TV and have another beer before passing out on your mattress that you don’t even have a boxframe for, it just lies on the floor because who even has the energy anymore. Let’s just put it that way.

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