Important Dating/Financial Advice

We live in difficult times. Between the current state of the global economy and decades of transitioning gender roles, it can be hard to know how to even go about pursuing your personal goals, much less achieving them. Is it even possible to have a career AND a happy love life? What about dick amnesia? Luckily, these questions and more are about to be answered. Here are some other questions that will be answered:

-Can you have focus on what the fuck you need to do if you have pussy around?
-Can you have women AND THEN get money?
-Is every man ballin’?
-Can you go after women and pretend like you have money and think that is going to benefit your bank account?
-Can women tell when you broke? Can they smell the money?
-As soon as you see pussy, what should you do?
-Do women provide the money back to you when you invest it in them?
-What part of our bodies is the reason for us constantly going after these women and getting turned down and looking like a dumb-ass and being stalkers and being over the top crazy?

And more! Headphones UP! (You don’t want everyone hearing this IMPORTANT advice, do you?!)

This guy should write a book called Rich, Son, Poor, Son. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)