The Videogum “Tracy Morgan Promise”: Son Of No One Trailer, You Guys

Fair enough! I love a good movie about crooked cops whose dads were crooked cops or whatever, or maybe they aren’t crooked but their dads’ partners were crooked? Or sometimes they are crooked but their dads and their dads’ partners weren’t crooked and they would be ashamed to see what their sons had become? That kind of stuff. (P.S. Have you read Richard Price’s Lush Life yet because go read Richard Price’s Lush Life bye.) It’s also nice to see Tracy Morgan getting some dramatic work. Life imitates 30 Rock imitates life! They should have called this movie The Urban Juror! (I know that’s the wrong 30 Rock reference. Take it up with some nerd who cares.) It’s also hilarious that they don’t show him saying anything in the trailer. Kind of makes you wonder. He probably threatens to blow the whistle on the cops and then they try to arrest him under false charges and he just shouts “I GOT A PARROT PREGNANT AFTER IT TRIED TO STEAL MY WALLET!” Probably.