Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Welcome back, all of our favorite pals! Can’t wait for us to go on hilarious adventures together! In the end, I think it’s pretty smart that they wait a few weeks after the holidays before starting all the shows back up. To be completely honest, the first week back after the new year was just like “What?”. You know? Like, “You’re kidding, right?”. The second week was like, “I don’t think you’re kidding. But I still don’t really get it. For real?”. And now this week has just been like, “Oh right.” And it is exactly at that moment, that “oh right” moment, when the reality of your actual, humdrum, day-to-day life reconnects with your misplaced but newly rediscovered deep-seated feelings of exhausted resignation that you want a good Thursday night TV show to watch. OH, I AM SORRY, DID I JUST BUM YOU OUT WITH MY UNEXPECTEDLY MAUDLIN RUMINATIONS ON THE DESPERATION OF LIFE? SOMETIMES THAT IS HOW IT WORKS WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT SITCOMS. They’re back, you guys! Even Parks and Recreation! Hello, Parks and Recreation! Even Outsourced is back but let’s move forward. It was a little sad, though, how they had (or thought they had to) catch us up on Parks and Recreation with a lame-o “previously on” montage. That thing was for dorks! I blame YOU, Outsourced. You are both racist AND frustrating! Oh well. As previously mentioned, life is unfair, and that certainly includes “previously on” montages. Those are right at the top of the list of unfairnesses, I’m sure.

Should I just keep going on and on forever in a way that barely even makes sense, or do you guys want to take it from here?