Tom Hanks? More Like Tom PRANKS!

Oh yay! Another HILARIOUS “prank” from the set of a Hollywood movie!!!!!! My favorite thing about these behind-the-scenes stories is how each one is more interesting and hilarious than the last! From Entertainment Weekly:

This candid moment came courtesy of Hanks, who pranked Roberts on the set of the rom-com Larry Crowne (out July 1). “Julia would knit on the set–scarves, hats” recalls producer Gary Goetzman. “One morning, Tom thought it would be hilarious if everyone was doing it. So she walked on set and saw 50 people knitting.” Hanks directed, co-wrote, and stars in the movie as a downsized corporate stiff who enrolls in community college and falls for a teacher (Roberts). For the old pals, Crowne offered the first chance to work together since 2007’s Charlie Wilson’s War. “They’re platonic lovers,” laughs Goetzman. “That’s really the only way I can put it. They get along so well.”

WHAT A GREAT PRANK THAT IS DEFINITELY GREAT AND DEFINITELY A PRANK! You know what would be fun? To be someone working on a movie crew for basically no money (although you do get to take home day old bagels from craft services every other Wednesday) doing shit work on 14 hour days in a digusting, amoral industry in an effort to pursue your dreams of making it big in showbiz which will almost certainly never happen and eventually you will get some sort of office job (perhaps blogging) but one morning when you’re worrying at a depressing ATM balance receipt in the pocket of a thrift store coat while some asshole tries to exercise their totalitarian power over you via trebly earpiece and you are just really feeling like you’re about to explode, Tom Hanks has his personal assistant announce to everyone that you will all be pretending to be fucking knitting all day because he wants to see the look on his “platonic lover”‘s face (p.s. I’ve got another way for you to say that, Goetzman, it is called “FRIENDS,” as in, “THOSE TWO ARE VERY GOOD FRIENDS.” Look it up, have one of your secretaries look it up). Wouldn’t that just be neat to be a part of? So fun. The funnest. Living the dream. That’s showbiz. (Thanks for the tip, GoldenFiddle. Click through for a better look at this “candid” moment, courtesy of Tom Pranks. Thanks Tom!)