Australia’s Worst Rapper, RAED, Gets His Own 8 Mile

I’m not saying there aren’t lots of terrible rappers in Australia, I’m sure that country is lousy with awful rappers, but I think we can all agree that RAED is the worst. He’s probably the worst rapper throughout southeast Asia, even! He is very bad. (If you do not remember how bad he is, jog your memory here and jog your memory here.) Well, now RAED has his very own 8 Mile! Mom’s spaghetti! It is called still flowin the movie and it is “comming soon.” There aren’t very many details at this point, but it stars RAED, it seems to be about RAED, it’s definitely awful, it looks like it was filmed on a tuna can, and I hate it. Watch the trailer here:

You better lose yourself, RAED. For real. Get lost.