Ricky Gervais On Ricky Gervais

There is simply nothing better than a comedian earnestly discussing comedy JK JK JK! That’s the joke! This video is interesting enough, I guess. It certainly takes itself about as seriously as it possibly could. Although, while Ricky Gervais is often very funny, I think we can all agree that Chuckles McCamera needs to TAKE IT EASY. Is Howard Schatz worried that Ricky Gervais is going to walk out of the room if he doesn’t laugh overly hard and somewhat disingenuously at all of his jokes? Because he won’t. He won’t walk out of the room. THERE IS A CAMERA IN THERE! Two cameras, actually! Kind of rough timing on the whole “comedy coming from a good place or a bad place” though, am I right? Eek! Which place are you coming from, Ricky? Hard to tell sometimes! (Via VanityFair.)