Hahahah, The LeBrons

Wait, what? So, The LeBrons is a children’s cartoon “for everyone” (I’m sure) about the four facets of LeBron James’s personality wearing their respective outfits? “Neat!” — Kids. “Neat!” — Everyone. Does it take place in a hospital? I’m assuming it takes place in a hospital. Like, each week opens in the real world, with a live action sequence in which LeBron James is lying in his hospital bed in the psychiatric ward, drenched in sweat, his eyes squeezed tightly closed. There is screaming in the distance. It’s all very Sam Fuller’s Shock Corridor. As we pull in closer and closer on his pain-ravaged face, we slip into his cartoon mind and see “Business LeBron” (that is obviously the kids’ favorite LeBron) trying to decide in which brand of energy gum he’s going to make a 15 million dollar angel investment. Also, I am sorry to interrupt, LeBron James, but at what point exactly during the day are you an 80-year-old man in high-waisted pants? Wise. Hahaha. Right. The only thing I don’t understand, besides everything, is why LeBron James keeps talking about how excited he is about this show when it is just so clear from his face and the tone of his voice that he is over the moon. Never have I seen a human being more overcome with excitement. Dude is literally vibrating, I’m sure. If anything, he’s TOO excited?