Rubber Trailer, You Guys

NB: the trailer isn’t embeddable right now, but if you click on the image, you can go watch it on the Apple website, which is a better website for trailers anyway, as they are all in the H’est of D’s.

After last night’s episode of Skins, I got in a bit of a Twitter war with a bunch of people who are total Skins-heads, I guess. Cool! Cool thing to fight about! Look, that show is terrible, but it is not my problem if you love it and want to watch it. Please be my guest! Until we are all dead and buried in the ground, which will be soon enough, we should all do what we can to carve out some tiny patch of happiness or if that is not possible–which it often is not–at least mild contentment, and maybe your patch includes MTV’s abominable new show, Skins. Hey, it’s your patch! But one of the dudes I was fighting with kept saying that Hollywood should be more willing to take risks (agreed!) and that Skins represented a risk (disagree!). I just do not see how buying the rights to an already successful television show and remaking it is a risk, much less a show about teenagers having sex and doing drugs marketed towards teenagers on a network for teenagers. Not that risky! Kind of the exact opposite of a risk actually.

But a movie about an inanimate car tire that comes to life and goes on a murder spree directed by a techno producer? Now that’s a risk! [Crocodile Dundee voice.]