Best New Party Game 44: Winter Movies

At first, it seems impossible that we have not played this game before, like finding a shrink-wrapped copy of Scrabble on the shelf at your parents’ house. “Mom, have we never played Scrabble before? Not even when I was growing up? That seems like the kind of game we would have played as an intellectually curious middle-class family.” “Ask your father.” You and your mom sure talk a lot about the historical precedent of board games in your engaged and loving household! And yet, here we are: Winter Movies! An instant classic! (Admittedly, we have played Holiday Movies before, and also Autumn Movies, but those are clearly entirely different games. Would you wear bowling shoes to a beach volleyball game?! Would you put on a baseball glove before picking up a bowling ball?! OTHER SPORTS THINGS THAT DON’T GO TOGETHER AND MAKE COMICAL MISMATCHED COMBINATIONS?!

Anyway, what better day to play this than today, when we are just up to our necks in winter. So:

  • Snow Angels in the Outfield
  • Frosty/Nixon
  • Blue Slush
  • Like Water For Hot Chocolate
  • Snow Country For Old Snowmen
  • A Daylight Savings Time to Kill

This one is best played on an INDOOR court! Get it? You get it. Brrrrrrlolololrrrrrr.